Airtel Payments Bank Offers : Best Deals & Coupons

To make payments easier in online, Airtel has now launched Airtel payment bank wallet popularly known as Airtel Money. Check out exciting Airtel payment bank offers, deals & coupons and quickly transfer and receive money easily.

Nowadays because of changing operations and technology most of the people prefer quick and instant methods of transactions and to make things easy the Airtel decided to launch a new service which is Airtel payment bank wallet, popularly mentioned as Airtel Money. With the help of airtel money anyone can transfer or receive money from anyone and that also anytime without any documentation.

Airtel money offers several offers form different online marketing portals using which customers can transact their incoming and outgoings along with some attractive discounts and cashback offers. And they are as follows,

1. AbhiBus

It is one of the recent launch online portal through any one an book their travelling ticket without any issue or trouble. But to avail an additional exciting offer one need to transfer money to their airtel money payment mode and process their payment using airtel money option. Then once the payment is processed through airtel money payment mode a person who booked those tickets might receive a 10% cashback offer from the airtel money payment mode.

2. BookMyShow

It is one of the easiest form of booking tickets without staying in the long movie ques. People who are very much interested in watching latest movies and songs, then they can grab this deal easily by using airtel money form their phone. After buying online ticket book through bookmyshow one can use his or her airtel money and make payment easily. Moreover, with the help of airtel money payment mode people also can avail 15% cashback offer on their booked movie tickets.

3. Cafe Coffee Day

There are several different offers available in the airtel money payment mode. And airtel money is also associated with the cafe coffee day. And that is why people who enjoy a nice cup of coffee and deserts can visit their nearest cafe coffee day and avail an offer of 15% cashback from their total bill. Usage of airtel money payment mode is easier than any other transaction mode. It processes the payment quickly and easily.

4. Dominos

People who are foodies can visit Dominos place to receive some exciting offers from airtel money. By using airtel money foodies can order any items from the dominos menu and avail a 10% discount of the bill. There is no minimum cash limits mentioned in this offer associated with dominos. Therefore, hurry grab the deal from the nearest dominos shop.


Airtel money provides a better coverage for online transaction and while making any sort of buying or selling through Ebay, customers can receive upto 10% with airtel money. If customers are choosing a payment option as airtel money , then they can receive 10% cashback on their purchase amount. Or else if customers own some of the airtel money coupons and they can redeem it while their next shopping, then their are suppose to specify that particular coupon code on the given space to avail that particular offer.

6. Shopclues

Not just in Ebay, airtel money can be used in several different online portals. It is one of the easiest form of making online money transfer. And shopclues provides larger amount of customers to airtel money. Therefore, people who shop through shopclues can use airtel money to avail an offer of upto 200 to 500 cashback. Moreover, the customers need to make a purchase of minimum 500 to get the cashback amount of 200 from the airtel money. Other than that shopclues provide discount coupons for the registered users of airtel money.

7. Grofers

Grofers provide online grocery shopping experience to all its customers. Anyone can shop daily groceries from Grofers and grab some of the airtel money offers as well. Therefore, any one interested in using airtel money payment mode, then they can start buying groceries from the grofers and avail an exciting offer of 20% discount on the minimum purchase of 1000. Therefore, buying from grofers can be a good deal using Airtel Money.

8. Essel World

One of the famous and magical water park and people visit this place now and then for some fun. People who want to plant their family vacation and worried about the expenses, then they keep their worry aside and try using Airtel Money application available in their phone and book tickets of their family members for the trip to Essel World. Moreover, visitors also can receive 10% cashback form their total expenses. And which going to a maximum cashback of 350.

9. Water Kingdom

It is also one of the famous themed water park and interested people can enquire some of the Airtel money offers from Airtel. Therefore, while making a reservation for the trip people can make use of airtel money payment mode and avail a minimum offer of 10% which comes to a maximum cashback of 350 from the total bill paid. Moreover, the water kingdom also provide some amazing experience to all its visitors.

10. Arambagh’s food mart

Customers can also receive an offer of 10% cashback from the airtel money. The maximum amount of cashback would be 50 without any minimum purchase conditions. Therefore, buying from Arambagh’s food mart can be a great deal for all the people. Shopping with less amount of expenses makes everyone feel happy without any doubts and confusion of purchase.

11. Ajanta

Similar to the all above mentioned shopping portals either online or offline, customers can amke use of this offer associated with Ajantha to avail an offer of 10% cashback on their maximum purchase.

12. SRS Cinemas

People or customers who use airtel money payment option they receive plenty number of discounts and cashback offers from the airtel team. But while booking tickets form SRS cinemas customers can avail a maximum of 100% cashback form their total bill paid. Or else they can even win a movie ticket valid for a year along with an amazing trip to Singapore. All of this just with the help of Airtel money payment options or mode.

13. Airtel Digital TV

As it associated with the airtel didgital tv, airtel registered customers can make use of this offer easily without any trouble. But fortunately airtel subscribers can use this offer and receive an exciting offer of 500 cashback for the selection of certain airtel digital tv packages.


Airtel payment back comes with several exciting offers for its customers and in that list of different offers inner chef website take their place in a certain way. While purchasing anything for inner chef website airtel payment bank or airtel money users can receive an offer maximum of 75 cashback on a minimum amount of 400 bill amount.


It is necessary to understand all the available offers and discounts featured in a particular online portals irrespective its origin. Therefore, while making a decision to continuing shopping in chai point portal one need to check out the process with airtel payment bank. And at the end of the payment process using airtel money option might come with an additional offer of 10% cashback on the final amount to be paid which is going to a maximum of 50.

16. Sangeetha mobile stores

While shopping for a latest android phone one can decide to buy such phones from the sangeetha mobile stores for an additional discount or a cashback. Airtel users can use their airtel money options to avail some of the exciting offers from the airtel company. Such as 10% cashback on the purchase of any technological devices which might get to a maximum level of 500.

17. Apollo pharmacy

Even Apollo pharmacy can provide some of the benfits on the usage of airtel money or airtel payment bank options. And the catulate amount of offer or a discounts offered from the airtel company would be a maximum of 5 % extra cashback at the time of the check out from the Apollo pharmacy.

Additional details about Airtel Payment Bank

While creating an account in Airtel payment bank one need to submit some of the document which is considered as KYC ( Know your customer) documents. And these KYC documents is one of the necessary verification part of the account opening in the streams of savings section. Therefore, before applying for the airtel payment bank account a candidate need to submit the necessary documents to the financial assurance. Moreover, after submitting the documents candidate need to under go some of the process to avail an airtel payment account and they are as follows,

1. Collection stage.

In this stage of airtel payment bank account the candidate need to submit all the necessary documents to the concerned authority of airtel money and then wait for their confirmation over the verification of the documents. Once the collection of the documents gets confirmed, then the candidate documents goes for the second stage of the account opening which is verification.

2. Verification stage.

When the documents are processed through the verification stage the candidate might receive some of the verification calls or messages from the concerned department. This verification calls or messages is a must thing to get an active account opening in the airtel payment bank.

3. Audit stage.

All sorts of audit related documents and information must be verified in this stage of account opening. Therefore, at the end of this stage the account bearer might receive some of the additional procedure from the department for the smooth flow of the business transaction of the financial activities. Moreover, it is one of the necessary and relevant stage of the airtel payment bank account opening process.

4. Maintenance stage.

All the documents and necessary verification of the documents are safely maintained from the concerned department of the airtel payment bank. It is one of the last stages of the process where in which all the maintenance structure of the information confidentiality will be enclosed with higher priority of privacy. Therefore, there wont be any possibility of any sort privacy breach during the financial transaction.

5. Update stage.

As a mater of fact once the account gets opened the holder of the account might have to fill in all the additional details of the account opening procedure. Once all the necessary details of account opening completes its process, then the account holder can start activating his or her particulars with the help of airtel payment bank options without any doubts or hesitation.

General conditions of the Airtel Payments Bank.

These conditions mentioned below are maintained for the sake of the safety and security of the customers personal and financial information. So that there wont be any possibility of disclosure of their personal and financial information.

1. Airtel mobile number registered under a person’s name will be considered as his or her account number.

It is one of the common and easy way of handling all the online transaction of the account. It might seem risky to consieder one’s mobile number as their account number, but it provides better efficiency in handling that particular airtel payment bank account. Therefore, one can receive and send money through airtel money after confirming the registered mobile number of the person holding the account in airtel money.

2. The account handling can be easy and handy similar to any internet banking.

Nowadays, because of technology one can connect with someone or communicate with some one from anywhere and at anytime. Similarly , when it comes to transacting any financial activities one can use any form of internet banking process. Therefore, banking norms under airtel payment bank is maintained easy and safe which is one of the highlights of the airtel payment banking wallet.

3. The account shall not exceed amount of maximum limit to 1 lack.

Unlike any banking procedure there are of the rules and regulation when it comes to depositing, withdrawing, receiving and sending. These rules and regulations are valued only at the time of any exceed of maximum upper limit of financial transactions. Therefore, in airtel payment bank each candidate only can handle or deposit upto 1 lack in their account.

4. Immediate termination of account clause.

When the operator find out any details about maintain a slight upper limit of maximum account balance for a longer period of time, then the account holder might receive some notice regarding his or her banking transaction. And even after that the account holder continues to break the banking norms, then the airtel payment bank must be forced to close the account of the candidate with prior notice.

5. The customers are allowed to obtain only one bank account.

Some of the customer might have different bank accounts in different banking institutions. But when it comes to airtel payment banks one can only handle one account at a time. That means for a registered account holder his or her mobile number would be considered as the only account for that particular account holder.

Airtel payment bank charges.

1. Cash deposit.

In respect of all the surplusing charges there is some level of other charges applied while using airtel payment bank. For example, if a registered customer is willing to withdraw a certain amount of money from his airtel payment bank. If it is supposedly more than 500 and less than 1000, then the charges will be applied at the time of the cash deposit it will be 10. And if the amount cash deposit exceeds 1000 then it reaches a level of 4000 cash deposit, then airtel payment bank vary its charges from 15 to 25.

2. Funds transfer.

When it comes to fund transfer the airtel payment bank wallet provides several different offers for their registered customers. Therefore, at the time of airtel payment bank an account holder need to keep certain things in mind while making payment or using any sort of fund transfer portions of the airtel payment bank. And that is its fee or charges applied on some of the amount of fund transfer. This amount of fees can be applied on the basis of bank or any other form.

3. Cash withdrawal.

At the time of cash withdrawal from the airtel payment bank or airtel money a candidate need to be aware of certain things in payment or withdrawal option of the airtel payment bank. Therefore, an account holder need to pay a fee of 10 while making a certain amount of fund withdrawal from his or her registered airtel account. And as per the recent development in banking departments, there are certain things which needs a change in terms of their financial transactions.

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of this discussion over Airtel Payment Bank Wallet offers, one can definitely be interested in opening an account in Airtel Money without any doubts. Therefore, anyone interested in Airtel services they can follow or read all the above mentioned points about airtel and their Airtel Payment Bank Wallet offers. Also read all the necessary details from the above given information regarding Airtel Money which makes financial transactions easy as compared to the rest of the online portals.

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