How to Avail HDFC Debit Card EMI Offer on Amazon in 2021

Are you wondering how to avail HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI offer on Amazon in 2021? Don’t you worry as we have come up with all the information that will answer to all your queries regarding HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI on .

EMI as we all know is another form of loan where the principal amount is paid in equal monthly instalments. But what we often miss is the fact how it has made purchases so easy, and not just in stores but also on Amazon. Whenever we want to buy an item be it a mobile phone or TV or a refrigerator, do we always have the necessary amount required to make the purchase. Not until we have been planning it for some time now and we have managed to save exactly that much amount.

With the introduction of EMI options and thanks to Debit Card HDFC EMI, it has become convenient and really helpful for us to buy necessary items even when we are running short of cash because we get the benefit of paying it later and in a time period chosen by us on our will with Debit Card HDFC EMI on Amazon.

What is EMI?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment which is a fixed amount of money to be paid by a borrower to the lender on a specified date every month. An EMI is used to pay off both interest and principal every month till a certain number of years until the loan has been paid off fully.EMIs are fixed amount with no change in value of the amount that one has to pay every month.

EMI is dependent on factors like Principal, Rate of Interest, Tenure of the loan and Monthly/Annual Resting Period. Even though an EMI has a fixed amount but there are EMI terms which are not based on fixed interest rate. In that case, EMI amount has higher interest and lowest principal amount in the first, then it keeps on reducing with subsequent payment. Later it comes down to lower interest and highest principal amount at the time of the last EMI.

There are also chances where a customer is purchasing an item with HDFC debit card EMI makes a pre-payment in the running tenure of their loan, in that case EMIs get reduced. The same thing happens when the rate of interest decreases in between the tenure of the loan, and the reverse happens when the rate of interest rises.

What is Debit Card EMI?

A large number of people are Debit Card Holders which makes them very much eligible to take an EMI. So, basically an EMI taken through Debit card is called Debit Card EMI. HDFC facilitates EMI options on Amazon as well as other e-commerce sites. So, if you are shopping from any of these shopping destinations then you can buy all products like mobiles, electronics, washing machines, TVs etc. with the help of Debit Card EMI options on Debit Card EMI on Amazon.

HDFC Debit Card EMI on Amazon is a very simple process as all you have to do is check your eligibility and then do some paper work, and there you go.

Can I get EMI on my HDFC Bank Debit Card on Amazon ?

Yes, you can always get EMI on your HDFC Bank Debit Card on Amazon. HDFC being one of the few banks that have partnered with Amazon for their range of EMI options making it easy for customers to pay for their purchased goods on their convenience. Also, the fact that you can or cannot get EMI on your HDFC Bank Debit Card depends on your eligibility first.

Amazon holds no part in claiming your eligibility for EMI options. Applying for an EMI through HDFC Bank Debit Card is actually very convenient and easy. HDFC Bank Debit Cards have been featuring EMI options for almost every other customer who has a good transaction history and reputation. So, make sure you check for the above mentioned and then purchase an item from Amazon. Also, keep in mind that to avail an EMI you have to buy goods worth ₹10000 and above.

How HDFC Debit Card EMI works?

EMI even though is often termed as a loan which all of us know is liability shouldn’t be confused with yet another term that it is similar to a current asset because you can buy a good of your choice even when you are running short of fund in the present. Yes, we know there are interest rates that one has to pay but then you also get the benefit of using a product without having to pay full value of it.

There are No Extra Cost EMI where you can avail EMI without paying any extra cost. Then HDFC Debit Card EMIs don’t charge any processing fees. One gets to choose their own tenure which suits them best which can be something in between 3 months to 36 months.

One doesn’t have to wait longer for Approval and once approved the fund processing takes no time. With HDFC Debit Card there are minimum documentation options, so you save yourself from loads of paper work. Lastly, the No Down Payment feature makes it even more accessible for more number of people to get 100% finance on whichever product they need.

How to check HDFC Debit Card EMI eligibility Online?

Checking loan eligibility becomes very much easy with HDFC Bank as you just have to send a message from your registered mobile number with the bank typing “DCEMI ” to 56767. Checking it online is referred to as “Smart Eligibility Check”.

How to avail HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI on Amazon?

When you find a product that you are willing to buy, then check for EMI options on the product page.

Second thing to do is to check for “HDFC Bank Debit” eligibility under EMI options.

You will be shown tenure and plans, so in the payments page select a tenure after adding HDFC Bank Debit Card to continue with the transaction. For example, ₹3000 for 3 months or 6 months with specified interest rate.

That’s all, your job is done. The important point to note here is that Amazon holds no responsibility in deciding your tenure or interest rate.


What happens when we Cancel an EMI?

When someone cancels or returns an order purchased on EMI then Amazon refunds the entire value of the product to your bank account and the EMI is immediately cancelled. Later which, the person has to contact its Bank informing them about such changes.

When you cancel a product or return one whose order has been placed with HDFC Debit Card, then Amazon forwards the cancellation or return request to HDFC bank, and the refund is credited to the HDFC bank card and the debit card EMI loan gets cancelled.

How to activate EMI on HDFC Debit Card?

Activating EMI on HDFC Debit Card is very simple as once you have applied for it, it gets automatically activated in no time. And, then your loan request will be processed, and the amount will be paid.

What is the minimum balance required in my HDFC Bank Account?

There is no requirement of minimum balance in your HDFC Bank account in order to avail an EMI loan.

What is the Interest rate on HDFC Debit Card EMI?

The Interest rates on HDFC Debit Card EMI options keep on changing from time to time, and Amazon have no control over it.

Now that you know so much about EMI especially HDFC Debit Card EMI, so you can easily shop around goods from Amazon using the EMI option. Not only they help you buy a desired product, but they also give you the power to pay the amount within a period that you have chosen. Isn’t that helpful much?

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