Top 12 Best Online Travel Websites in India 2022

With new travel sites flooding the Indian cyber space every day, there is no end to choices for planning, comparing and booking your hotels and tickets. Read on popular online travel websites that stand apart in the crowd and help you save effort, time, and money in 2022.

Best Travel Sites in India

Top 12 Online Travel Websites in India in 2022

A search for online travel sites in India will bring you to hundreds of links, and with a wide range of services on their racks too. These travel sites have become very popular during the past few years and are making customers like you smile through their travel bookings. Today, there are more than a million pages dedicated just for online travel services in India. Unbelievable eh?

In order to save you from the confusion caused by the overwhelming results that you get through Google search, we have reviewed a large number of these sites and narrowed down the list of best travel websites in India in 2022.

1. Makemytrip

This huge online travel company is difficult to miss even if you are not into travelling, unless you have been living under a rock for past 10 years. The company has already created a lot of buzz and has gained the trust of millions of customers to climb the ladder of success. is a popular online travel site that was founded as a start-up organization in 2000 with a singular goal–to strengthen and empower the travelling sector of India.

Bringing in instant and easy booking facilities, secure payment options, reliable means of addressing complains, and a lot more, all with the support of innovative and cutting edge technology, this travel site is a one stop shop for your accommodation, ticket and holiday package bookings needs.

At MMT, you can look forward to the best products and services at a very reasonable price. From flights, trains, buses and hotel deals (both international and domestic), to holidays in India and abroad, MakemyTrip has it all.

So, before you start planning for your next trip – look for MakemyTrip coupons, hit the right deal and enjoy your savings with a smile.

2 Cleartrip

With packing guides and booking facilities to numerous destinations in India and abroad, serves to be the first port of call for many, especially when it comes to planning holiday plans, corporate tickets, and even when you cannot make up your mind about where to go. Cleartrip outlines everything–how to get there, where to stay, and what to do, not to mention its cheap fare calendar.

Cleartip has grown incredibly in the last few years, and is now counted amongst the best and highly popular online travel sites in India. As per a Google report in 2014, 3 out of every 5 people surfing on online travel sites end up booking with

Cleartrip attracts with its plentiful discounts and offers on flights, hotels and train bookings alike. You may also like to book full packages through this site. For instance, your concerns of booking hotel rooms and round trips for flight/train tickets for the upcoming holiday season are handled adroitly by technology driven comparisons, safe payment options and quick booking delivery mechanisms.

Just remember to log into Cleartrip and compare prices before you book those tickets for your next trip, you will not be disappointed.

3. Yatra, a leading travel site in India, is now one of the most convenient places to find great deals and offers on flight tickets, hotel rooms and train tickets. also enables users to book bus tickets and car rentals at the lowest possible price.

The company offers its car rental services in more than 5000 large cities and many more rural areas around the globe. The site also acts as your personal travel agent and helps in booking your vacations and holidays in a manner that you won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you reach back. is active 24×7 and you may book your air tickets, train tickets, cars, bus tickets, and hotel rooms (anytime and anywhere) by calling up their customer care support numbers, or signing online.

This travel site in India is best known for its tempting deals and offers with regards to domestic and international holiday/vacation packages. Get rid of your travel booking woes at with access to smart ways. Her, you are likely to find the cheapest fares, availably of hotel rooms, and attractive destinations to travel alone or with your loved ones in tow. Yes, for those who are passionate about travelling, should not be given a miss!

4. Goibibo is one of the fastest growing online travel sites in India. The site focuses on providing mainly three services to its users:

  • Bringing the best deals across flights and trains.
  • Providing daily information and updates for various offers and deals that you might be interested in.
  • Showcasing the prices of flights, trains and hotels for another 10 days in advance, so that you can choose the best deal out of those 10 days and make your travel plans accordingly.

With these exciting and many more travel booking related features in store, has already gained the trust of travellers in India and abroad. Now, this easy-to-use portal is reflected in the top 3 searches that Google brings forth when you search for best online travel sites in India. has also released its application across IOS and Android platforms, thereby giving you the option of booking and planning your trip through your smart phone as well.

5. Expedia

Expedia is one of the oldest and most reliable online travel sites globally and for many good reasons too. This site has been in business for more than 2 decades and provides users with the best deals and offers for services ranging from car rentals to cruise bookings, hotel accommodations, travel blogs, cheap flight tickets, exciting holiday packages and a lot more.

Courtesy the launch of Expedia in India, Indian travellers are now booking the best available (and cheapest) domestic/ international flights, hotels and holiday packages on the web–quickly and securely. With more than a million hotels, and over 7000 exotic locations to its credit, this site surely brings the world much closer than what it was yesterday.

6. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is an international company dealing in a wide range of consumer-centric services, including travel. Apart from helping you with your hotel accommodation and flight ticketing woes, Thomas Cook goes a long way in sorting out your concerns for foreign exchange, travel insurance, VISA and passport services too. The company had established its presence in India way back in 1881. Since then, it has expanded its wings and now boasts of offices in more than 134 locations across the country, out of which 96 are in major cities.

Thomas Cook is also in partnership with more than 23 airlines to showcase the most affordable deals in flight tickets on its easy-to-book site. Thomas Cook not only brings you the best deals and offers, it also provides options with alternative prices and tickets in case the first offer does not suit your budget or dates. Go for it!

7. Cox & Kings

Cox and Kings automatically searches and finds lucrative deals and offers, based on your location. This company is one of the oldest and most established in the travel business. Here, it deserves mention that the first service undertaken by this Company dates back to 1758, this fact adds volumes to its credibility, doesn’t it?

Currently, Cox and Kings ranks high on the list of premium brands in the travel business. Headquartered in Mumbai and harnessing the skills of more than 5000 trained and highly skilled professionals for doling out greater travel benefits, Cox and Kings often serves as the first choice for booking off-location corporate conferences, out-of the box holiday packages, comfortable hotel accommodation, and the best flight deals too!

8. Travelguru is amongst the top Indian sites for finding the best deals in hotel bookings, flights and other travel requirements; and it always saves you a lot of money. This company has redefined travel booking standards and brought the convenience of booking travel packages to whole new level.

With smart and secure services including flight tickets, hotel rooms, holiday packages and even cruise bookings in its bag, this site returns more travel options when compared to any other travel site in India. If you are looking for good travel booking experiences, a flurry of alternatives to compare, and great deals to excite your wallet, then this site is the way to go.

9. Ixigo

Ixigo, launched in 2007, is gaining in popularity metrics with each passing day too. It already boasts of being one of the leading travel search and planning websites in India. Ixigo uses advanced algorithms and innovative designs to search, compare and show only the best deals and offers for all users.

This website uses data and information collected from more than 100 leading travel websites functioning across the country, so as to bring the best prices in travel booking to you. Extremely useful and time efficient, the interface of keeps you from opening tabs for comparing one site to another; yes, here it’s all done automatically, at one place, for giving you easy booking options, and how!

10. Musafir was formed and launched by Sheikh Abdullah Muhammed Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya and Albert Dias, in UAE. In the year 2010, the Company launched its offices in India and teamed up with Sachin Tendulkar for serving as the brand ambassador for its travel-centric operations.

It has formed partnerships with more than 3000 airlines and airports, and has more than 80000 options of hotels, apartments and other accommodation facilities up for grabs. At, you can look forward to wrenching some very exciting online travel coupons and deals too!

11. was first launched in 2006, under the name of At present, offers more than 20000 flights and supports easy travel options to more than 2400 cities and towns in India. has already gained more than 40 million satisfied customers and is revolutionising the travel business by bringing in innovative services for greater customer satisfaction. boasts of annual revenues of more than 500 million USD and provides employment to over 600 skilled workers. The company aims to become the best service provider in the online travel business with its 24/7 connectivity options, cheapest fares, tie-ups with a wide range of hotels, and exciting holiday packages galore.

12. Ezeego1, where you can find unique offers and discounts on flight tickets, hotel rooms, vacation packages, travel and other similar services, is fast making its presence felt on the Indian travel scene.

This website has been enhanced with real time technology that streams and initiates all bookings and other transactions without any hiccups. Launched in 2008, has been growing with rapid strides, thus reaching the heights of success it enjoys today. It has a satisfying customer support system in place that works around the clock, so, you can book your tickets on this option-packed travel site, from whenever and wherever you like.

Way Forward

Hotel and travel agencies have reported a huge increase in the amount of bookings and orders that come through travel websites. According to a survey conducted by Google recently, more than 73% of travellers preferred to book their tickets through online travel sites, rather than go through a travel agency offline. This huge popularity for online travel sites can be attributed to the ease of booking affordable tickets, accommodation and other packages in good time.

Another factor that makes bookings through these travel sites attractive are the many discounts and coupons they always have on offer. Gear up to grab these great deals on top online travel sites in India in 2022 — you will love what you get!

Get ready to explore—book your travel plans with these travel sites, today!

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