Ebay Bank Offers : Discount Coupons for Credit & Debit Cards Users

Presenting Ebay bank offers for you! With these Ebay discount coupons, you can now save with your ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak, Standard Chartered Bank and SBI cards!

eBay.in has become one of India’s best place for online auctions. You can find just about anything through eBay as you can bid on fashions, tech products, home items and much more. You can get various products with some extensive discounts on eBay too.

The deals at eBay are already strong but you can save even more money through eBay coupon codes. Many of these eBay promo codes are available to particular bank customers. The coupon codes available here are easy to use and enter in during your transaction.

In fact, many of the top banks around India have gotten in touch with eBay to offer great coupon codes. These include a variety of great trustworthy banks that are proud to be associated with eBay.in.

All of these eBay bank coupon codes will expire soon. Be sure to use these deals soon so you can save more money.

Check out the list of the most exciting discount offers given out by eBay India, in collaboration with noted banks like Axis Bank, ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Citibank etc.

HDFC Bank Customers Can Save Big

HDFC bank customers can get an 8 percent discount on their orders with a maximum total of Rs. 1,500 for the purchase. You can use the code HDFCE25OFF/HDFCOFF250 for a debit/credit card or HDFC8OFFNB for your online banking account. This is a great deal for all HDFC customers to see.

Save With Your ICICI Cards

ICICI bank net banking customers can save 10 percent off of an order with a maximum savings of Rs. 500 on any eBay purchase. Just use the coupon code DDELIGHT10 to get this deal to work for you.

Axis Bank Has a Great Coupon Too

Get up to 6 percent off of your order with an Axis card. The coupon code EBAYAXIS06 is required for this deal. This offers a strong deal for all Axis customers to look forward to.

SBI Credit Card Customers Can Save Too

Another good deal is for SBI credit card holders. Use your card and get a 6 percent discount with the code SBICREDIT1. This simple code will give you a great discount on any item on eBay.

AMEX Customers Will Love eBay

Your American Express card will provide you with 8 percent cash back on your purchases on eBay. This is a great offer good for all products on the site. Use the promo code EBAYAMEX15 to use this code to your benefit.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Has Its Own Code

Another of the eBay promo codes is good for Kotak Mahindra bank customers. Use the code KOTAK15NDC to get up to Rs. 1,499 or 8 percent cash back on your order. This is perfect for anyone who has a Kotak bank card.

Save With Standard Chartered Bank

Use your Standard Chartered Bank account to get a great deal on your eBay purchase. Use the promo code SCBEBAY015 to get 8 percent off of your order with your Standard Chartered card.

Don’t Forget the CitiBank Offer

The last of the promo codes to see entails a great deal from CitiBank. To use this offer, enter the promo code CITIEBAY08 to get an extra 8 percent cashback on your order with your CitiBank card or online banking account. This is good for up to Rs. 1,500 back.

How To Redeem Your Code

It is easy to use any of the codes listed here to save big on your eBay order in India. First, look for the products you want to buy and then get to the main payment menu. Enter the proper coupon code to review the savings that you will get. After this, enter the details on the proper payment method that you will use. be sure that the card or bank account you use corresponds to the coupon code you plan on using.

Make eBay Your First Choice For Purchases

eBay has quickly become a hot place for all sorts of great online purchases. The Indian office for eBay is based in Mumbai while the company’s world headquarters is in San Jose in the United States.

eBay has become a hit among people in India thanks to how it offers more products for sale in a variety of forms. You can buy anything on eBay from the hottest fashions to the best tech products.

eBay has become popular enough to where there are plenty of competitors out there trying to steal its glory. These include competitors like Amazon India, Myntra and Flipkart. However, eBay has become a more trustworthy choice thanks to its extensive variety of products and its strong focus on customer service.

What’s For Sale?


Today you can visit eBay to buy products from hot fashions to new tech items. Laptops, computers, media players, and cameras are among the many things you can buy here. It will certainly excite you to see what is available for sale here.

Get Great Beauty Products

Various beauty and fashion products are available on eBay right now. There are hundreds of categories of products for you to choose from and to search through. You will come across plenty of great options no matter where you go on the site.

Great Services For Customers

Customers on eBay will certainly enjoy how the site focuses heavily on the customer’s overall experience. A customer can get one’s items through a simple and easy to buy process. The payment system is completely secure while on-time delivery is always guaranteed. Customer support services are especially available throughout the entire day.

You can also get a full replacement of any product that does not work if needed. This ensures that you will get the product you’re looking for while also being fully protected.

eBay proudly offers great products to people all around India. The odds are you will come across something appealing to get during your search around the eBay website. Be sure to get online and visit the eBay website to see what you can get great deals on. You might be surprised at what you can find as you are on this site when looking for the best deals.

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