Ezeego Offers 2021 for ICICI Bank Cards & Net Banking Customers

The Ezeego offers for ICICI bank debit card, credit card and net banking customers is a welcome note for them because it will make their holidays, staying option and even flying costs fall well within the budget.

Discounts are said to be the most essential thing that brings smile on a traveller’s face. And when they are getting their favored or much awaited holiday package within the budget; then, the joy gets doubled. This is the magic that Ezeego is willing to do on the travellers, who have been planning on a trip and not being able to go because of whooping costs.

The specified offers available for ICICI bank customers are a welcome note for them. Not just the bank credit or debit card users will benefit from it; rather the people using net banking system are also eligible for availing discount offers. Now, with discount offers, you will be saving on huge amounts that can be used elsewhere on important arrangements.

1. Irresistible Offers on Flights to Enjoy:

Experiencing a heavenly travel with flights is just so comfortable. In fact, being the fastest mode to reach your favorite holiday destination, the flights happen to save on travel time. Along with this, it is quite a relaxing way of travel too. And when you happen to get discounts on flights, it is one of the best things happening to an air traveller.

A. Offers on Domestic Flights:

Available for Indian customers, the special offer allows vacationers or leisure travelers to enjoy a maximum of 2500 INR discount on the booking worth 50000 INR and above. Well, the travellers making a booking of lesser amount are also subjected to cash back like booking of 40000 to 50000 will fetch 2000 INR; while a lower amount of booking will fetch lesser cash backs. In order to avail the offers, you are required to make a minimum booking of 3000 and above to initiate the eligibility.

Certainly speaking, the cash back offer can be enjoyed by making bookings on the website (ezeego1.co.in) or calling offer specialists 1800 209 0800 (Toll Free) or 098675 65900 (GSM). And of course, it is recommended to the prospective travellers that they should use Promo Code EZFLIGHTS to get the maximum possible benefits. Definitely, every traveller has his or her own budget, which restricts from holidaying. And one thing to note about the offer is that it has not been made available to travellers flying for corporate or business purpose.

B. Offers on International Flights:

Planning to travel abroad and do not have budget? Well, Ezeego is there to help you make your trip fall within the budget. Now, this is something that an avid traveller would want for sure. Indeed, discounts and cash backs are such offers that have always enabled people to enjoy their trips even more. When it comes to the matter of travelling to foreign destination, Ezeego is offering cash back of 25000 INR and ensures that the travellers can save on quite a lot of money.

In order to avail the offer, you are required to make a minimum purchase of 10000 INR that would fetch 700 INR on it. And the maximum amount of cash back allowed is 25000 INR, which can be availed by making a booking of 5 Lakh or above.

Another thing to be noted is that all the required bookings have to be made online at ezeego1.co.in call offer specialists on 1800 209 0800 (Toll Free) or 098675 65900 (GSM). Certainly, do not forget to use the promotional code EZFLIGHTS. In this way, you can save on a lot of money on international travel. The saved money can be used for other important things on the trip for sure.

2. Make Your Stay Extra Enjoyable with Special Offers on Hotel Booking:

Every traveller wishes to relax on their holiday by staying in a hotel offering qualitative services well within their budget. And getting discounts on hotel booking or cash back will surely add to the relaxation mode. Of course, it is one of the most wonderful experiences one can have.

A. Domestic Hotel Offers:

Travelling within India and willing to stay in a plush hotel at reduced rates? Well, the cash back offers by Ezeego to the ICICI Bank customers is surely a wonderful thing to the customers. As per the offer is concerned, you can Get 10 percent cash back on booking of any hotel situated within India. Indeed, the maximum amount of cash back to be earned is Rs. 3000 per transaction.

Along with this, the offer is valid for adults on twin sharing basis only and extra adult or child will not be eligible for the cash back. In order to avail the cash back discount on the domestic hotels, you are required to use promotional code as EZHOTELS .

B. International Hotel Offers:

People travelling to abroad destination can enjoy a tremendous discount of 10 percent on hotel bookings. Now, this will cut down the entire foreign trip cost that you can spend on buying other essential things or doing dream activities. The discount of cash back is available to a maximum amount of 4000 INR on the international hotel booking.

In order to avail the option, you have to make the booking online at the website or call “offer specialists” at 1800 209 0800 (Toll Free) or 098675 65900 (GSM). And definitely, do not forget to use the promotional code as EZHOTELS . This will help you to get the best of discounts and specified benefits.

3. Exotic Offers on Holidays to Save On:

Holidays are the joyous moments that enable a family to come together and spend quality time together. Not just restricted to family members; holidaying can be done with friends and relatives too. It is all about getting away from hectic schedule of life and spending few days to relax or rejuvenate around.

A. Domestic Holidays Offer:

Being available for Indian citizens only, the cash back offer is available at 7 percent or to the maximum limit of 4000 INR per booking. Certainly speaking, the discounts are surely to bring smile on the face of travellers, who have been planning for a particular destination and awaiting discounted deals. In order to avail the cash back offer, you are required to use the promotional code as EXHOLS and the discounts are available for Land-only packages.

B. International Holidays Offer:

Holidays to abroad destination are always pricey and people refrain from going to their dream destination. But, Ezeego is one such travel website that offers an excellent discount of 7 percent or maximum amount of 3000 INR on the booking of 65000 INR. One thing excellent about the offer is that people making booking above 65000 INR can get a discount of 5000 INR also.

Depending on the requirement, the travellers can make their booking and get the cash back discount as per the amount of booking. To avail the discount, it is necessary for the person to book online only and use the promotional code as EZHOLS .

Ezeego is one such website that offers attractive and lucrative discount deals in the form of cash backs on flight, hotel and holiday bookings. In this way, you will be able to save on a lot of money. Do not forget to use the associated promotional codes and enjoy the vacations.

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