Flipkart Upcoming Sale May 2022 Full List: Final Dates & Offers

The Flipkart Upcoming Sale Offers and dates in May 2022 are sure to get you glued to your computer to surf the enticing deals. Here, you can check Flipkart next sale date for 2022 and prepare yourselves to splurge on the website with budget kept intact.

In the era of fashion, getting discounts during an online sale is like experiencing the eternal bliss. And of course, for the shopaholics, it is slated to be the most interesting aspect. It is a common scenario that everyone wants to get best quality products by paying. This is a general notion that saving money runs in the blood of commoners. Such category of buyers keeps on hunting for discounts & upcoming Flipkart sale dates and ensures that they get the right product for sure.

These days, online shopping is becoming highly important because it saves a lot of time and money. The basic purpose is to allow buyers have access to varied products at lesser rates than the market.

When it comes to the matter of buying qualitative products online at reduced rates, Flipkart is one name that strikes the mind. The reason behind its growing popularity is that the website offers an array of products, which might not be available elsewhere easily.

Certainly, it is the availability of numerous products on flipkart website that it becomes easier for the people to get best possible products. And what’s more? The products are delivered at the doorstep and you can pay on receiving too.

Here are the Flipkart Upcoming Sale Dates & Offers in 2022

Here are the several Flipkart upcoming sale offers available to be availed in 2022 for a happy shopping experience. Check out Flipkart next sale dates in 2022.

Welcome 2022 with Flipkart New Year & Republic Day Sale in January 2022:

1 – Making the Most of Flipkart New Year Sale 2022

Grabbing the most wonderful opportunity is the best decision that can be made because it rolls down with tremendous discounts on smartphones, electronic gadgets, mobile accessories, fashion wear and even home furnishing.

With a 40 percent discount on smartphones and 20 percent on the tablets, you will surely be saving a lot on Flipkart New year sale 2022. And now this will enable you to buy your dream phone that was held back due to budget constraints.

Apart from this, 30 percent discounted deals on computers, television sets and even electronic appliances will assist in making your lifestyle better than thought. Indeed, the most wonderful discount available is on women and men’s fashion wear with 30 as well as 20 percent respectively.

Everybody loves to shop for trendy wear and getting discount on it is like blessing in disguise for sure. Have a wonderful experience about shopping in January’s first week New Year sale.

2 – Feel the Freedom to Shop with Flipkart Republic Day Sale Offers 2022:

Available for valuable three days from 19th to 22nd January 2022, the upcoming Flipkart Republic Day sale 2022 unleashes extensive discounts on electronics, smartphones, accessories, clothing and even fashion products.

When it comes to the matter of checking discounts on clothing, Lee, Peter England, Puma, Vero Moda and W are the brands that offer attractive deals of 40 to 50 percent. Using a credit card might fetch further discounts. Now, this is called a mega Flipkart sale 2020 offers to enjoy and not to be missed.

Talking about the Flipkart sale 2022 offers on electronics from the house of HP, Samsung, Hitachi, Acer, LG, Mitashi and IFB, one can enjoy a 15 percent to even Rs 3000 discount that will bring the bill within budget. Who would not like to explore exclusive discounts that have the tendency to make you save a lot than planned?

Feel the Joyous Live with February Valentines Day Sale 2022:

1. Celebrating Love with Flipkart Valentine’s Day Sale 2022:

With love blossoming in the air, the initial 15 days of February month will bring sprinklers of discounts. Certainly, gifting something exclusive to your beloved will beautify the bond further. And the discounts on clothing, fashion accessories as well as smartphones will make you grab it immediately before it is finished. Well, Flipkart is intended towards enhancing the love between two souls and empowering each other to pamper them through exotic discounts.

2. Beautifying Abode with Flipkart Home Shopping Days:

Well, three days in the month of February i.e. 16th to 18th Feb 2022 will unleash extensive discounts on home furnishing.

Every individual wants that their home should be appealing enough to get accolades. With incredible discounts on sofa sets of about 40 to 80 percent, one can stylize their living room with a designer outlook.

However, the range of discount does not end here; rather, it extends further with a 5 percent off on furniture like bed, coffee table and other important furnishings. Not just this you are bound to get a discount on new furnishings too. Now, this is called a deal that should not be missed even in dreams during flipkart sale in 2022.

Flipkart March 2022 Sales are Special for Everyone:

1. Flipkart Women’s Day Sale 2022

Celebrating women’s day by offering exclusive discounts on products considered as an assistant to the ladies, Flipkart has managed to gain recognition. It is a respectful ode to women, who have sacrificed their time and life to serve the needs of their families.

Available only on 7th & 8th March 2022, you get to enjoy Flipkart Sale deals on clothing, footwear, jewellery, handbags and other related accessories. So, all you men out there; it is time to pamper your wife, mother and sister with some excellent gifts that they had always wanted to buy. Definitely speaking, it will make them feel special for sure.

2. Make Your Holi Brighter with Flipkart Holi Sale Offers 2022

Holi is the ultimate festival of rejoicing making every color brighter and blissful for the people. And Upcoming Flipkart Holi sale is doing just the right thing, which means to add happiness to the special moments.

Well, it is the time to avail great discounted deals on smartphones, electronics, gadgets, clothing, books, shoes, laptops, camera and much more. Just think of a product and a discount surely accompanies it to spoil your shopping habit.

With a 25 to 40 percent discount on electronics, furniture, smartphones, clothing, making online purchases is going to be much easier than thought. Of course, an essential aspect of availing discounts is that you get to have qualitative stuff at much lesser rates than the market. And the saved money can be splurged further to buy other important stuff.

Loving the Summers with April 2022 Sales:

1- Flipkart Ugadi Sale

Call it Ugadi from Karnatka and Telangana or Gudi Padwa from Maharashtra, Flipkart is here to celebrate the festival of happiness with you by offering quantitative sale on varied products.

Be it smartphones, sarees, women footwear or men’s footwear, the Ugadi sale is here to make you feel happier than ever on the festival and be ready for it.

Apart from this, the SBI and ICICI credit card holders tend to get an extra 10 percent discount. Now, this is like getting a big diamond in the coal mine.

2 – Enjoy the Festivities with Flipkart Baisakhi Sale 2022

It is going to be a bewildering sale taking place in the second week of April, which will unleash some of the most lucrative deals around on varied products. The Flipkart Baisakhi sale is all set to grab your attention with discounts on home appliances and electronic equipments.

Flipkart May 2022 Sale Deals will Pamper Your Shopping Habits:

1 – Beat the Heat with Flipkart Summer Sale 2022

Initiating from 23 May 2022, the Flipkart Summer sale 2022 is here to win hearts and blow minds with discount deals. In fact, the deals are so lucrative that you will not be able to resist them at all.

With technology getting developed extensively and encompassing in smartphones, every individual wishes to buy the latest handset. But, the budget always happens to play an obstacle in the way of buying. For a sigh of relief, Flipkart has come up with Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000 discount on smartphones.

Besides valuable deals on smartphones, the Flipkart summer sale allows 60 percent discount on laptops too. Well, now, you can buy your favorite laptop.

Well, the list of Flipkart summer deals does not end here; rather, it emerges brighter with 80 percent discount on AC’s, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators and other home appliances.

And not just this; you get to enjoy 80 percent discount on mobile accessories like covers, earphones and other stuff too. Certainly, it is going to be the hottest summer sale by Flipkart.

Stylize Yourself with Upcoming Flipkart Sale June 2022 :

Be a Style Diva with Flipkart Fashion Sale in June 2022

Termed as the Best of Season sale, the Upcoming Flipkart Fashion sale from 11th to 15th June 2022 empowers men and women to enjoy sparkling discounts on fashion products. Be it clothing, accessories, jewellery, footwear or anything to do with making you appear fashionable, the discounts are surely going to rock the summer season.

Ranging from dresses to watches, handbags, sunglasses, beauty products, jewellery, kids wear and even personal care, all the categories are going to make you feel gaga over the value offered. And of course, getting branded stuff at lesser rates is like clinching the best deal ever!

Enhance the Appeal of Your Dwelling with Flipkart Upcoming Sale in July 2022:

Also called as Flipkart Big Shopping Days Sale, the Flipkart July mega sale is going to be available for about 5 days starting from 14th July to 18th July 2022.

The best part of making the most of the Flipkart sale is that it offers extensive discounts on mobiles, electronics, laptops, fashion, kitchen, gaming consoles and home products. And the star factor of the 4-day sale deal is that you get to enjoy 80 percent discount, which means that the price cuts will be extremely lower than imagined. Now, this is one such deal that should not be missed at all.

Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale July 2022

Known to be a sale that will make you feel like grabbing everything that you wish on Flipkart, the Upcoming Flipkart Big Saving Days sale 2022 will be available for five days from 14th June to 18th July 2022.

This Upcoming Flipkart sale in July 2022 will unleash lucrative discounts on all categories of products available over the Flipkart website & App. That is why Flipkart discounts are worthy enough to be enjoyed. After all, it enables users to save on a lot of money and get excellent products at reduced rates.

Feel the Freedom of Shopping with Flipkart Sale Offers in August 2022:

1 – Feel Free to Shop during Upcoming Flipkart Freedom Sale 2022

Commemorating the purity of freedom the Upcoming Flipkart Freedom Sale is available from 8th August to 10th August 2022. The excellence of this Flipkart sale is that it offers discounts on almost every product.

So, you can enjoy the freedom of shopping within your budget and make sure that enough money is saved.

2 – Celebrating the Love between Brother and Sister with Flipkart Rakhi Sale 2022

This is a special Flipkart sale in 2022 that will allow brothers to pamper their beloved sisters with gifts on Rakhi and the sisters can bless their brothers with valuable products for them.

It is one such festival that accompanies frenzy and madness coupled with blissful celebration. Every sister wants to dress up smart and impress their brothers with exclusive gifts. And same is the case with brothers too.

Available around Raksha Bandhan, the Flipkart Rakhi Sale starts in the second week of August and continues till Rakhi. In these days, you can avail discount on a variety of products.

Festivities are Made Greater with Flipkart Upcoming Sales in September 2022:

1. Saving Bigger with Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2022:

Initiating from 26th September 2022 and ending on 30th September 2022, the Upcoming Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale is known to offer heavy discounts more than other Flipkart sales in the year. This is the reason that it has been loved and the most awaited sale by the users.

Not just the deals; you tend to get extensive cashback and steals too on a variety of products. So, these 6 days are witnessed as a shopping paradise for everyone. In fact, there is some or the other discount for everyone on diverse products.

Adding Special Moments to Joys with Flipkart Diwali Sale in October 2022 :

1. Celebrate Dushehra with Flipkart’s Saleable Deals:

Dushehra is not just the festival of burning the evil; rather, Flipkart is changing scenarios with tremendous discounts available on almost every possible product available on the website. It is all set to add merriment to the moments of celebration with qualitative deals that cannot be missed. No matter you want to shop for smartphone or home furnishing or electronic item or even clothing, access the flipkart website to get rewarding deals.

2. Think Beyond Steel Utensils on Dhanteras with Flipkart Dhanteras Sale:

Available for a single day on 23rd October 2022, the Flipkart Dhanteras Sale 2022 is all set to provide exclusive discounts on gold coins, silver coins, jewellery and electronic equipments. This makes it possible for you to buy a couple of special gifts for your near and dear ones to bring smile on their face.

3. Light the Fun Moments on Diwali with Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers 2022 :

Everyone is aware of the fact that Diwali is the festival of lights and celebration of good over evil. And this makes Flipkart come up with exotic Diwali sale with special discounts available on an array of products. Available from 20th October to 24th October 2022, the Flipkart Diwali sale will be a memorable one.

Embracing Spring with Open Arms through Flipkart Upcoming Sales in November 2022

The month of September highlights Flipkart Fashion and Home Appliance Sale 2022 that offers heavy discount on Clothing as well as Electronic Home Appliances. This will entitle the people to buy new clothes and be the part of trendsetting race.

Apart from this, the month of November 2022 unleashes another discount deal on electronic items and even smartphones.

Right from television to air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator and mobile handsets, the discounts are surely to attract users. So, missing the deals in the month of November will not be a beneficial thing for you. It is necessary to keep an eye over the month of November for sure.

The Big Flipkart Electronics Sale is Here :

November is the month of sales for you and Flipkart. It is the time when Flipkart is offering heavy discounts on electronic items, which are highly priced in the market.

Since the discounts are available on branded products; you need not to worry about the quality of the product. Some of the products falling in this category are refrigerators, microwave, television and various other products. Each one of them is meant to help in living an easier life.

Pick a product on the Flipkart website and mobile app and you have the discount on it to make you smile.

Biding Adieu to the year with Flipkart Year End Sale in December 2022:

1 – Enjoy Saving More with Flipkart Big Shopping Day Sale 2022

The year will end with an exclusive sale by Flipkart that starts from 1st December and ends on 5th December 2022. Certainly, you get a chance to explore the deals offering discount more than 50 percent.

Along with this, the Flipkart’s association with certain banks will enable the users holding credit cards to get additional discounts and even cashback as a part of Flipkart Bank Offers. Now, this is something that one should look forward to.

2- Flipkart Christmas and Year-End Sale 2022 is for the Shopaholics

Christmas is that time of year, which enables people to exchange gifts. And this occasion is succeeded by New Year eve, where showering gifts on the loved ones is essential. Since, everyone has their own budget; Flipkart’s Christmas and Year End Sale will unleash deals on almost everything available on Flipkart. This would double the joy of celebrations in the year end.

Tip: How to Avail Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2022 Offers?

The Upcoming Flipkart Sale and offers are such words that infuse excitement in a buyer’s mind. It is because such things allow them to pay less money and get better-looking products.

The best thing about availing discounts at Flipkart Upcoming Sales in 2022 is that they are excellent and offered to save you a lot of money to be spent on other necessary stuff.

In order to enjoy the discount offers on the Upcoming Sale on Flipkart in 2022, one should be aware of a methodical procedure.

  • Login to Flipkart website or app.
  • Open and check Flipkart sale page.
  • Add products to your cart.
  • Before making a payment, one should check the additional discounted offer on making payment online.
  • Enter your Shipping address and proceed to the payment page.
  • If an additional discount is available for online payment; then make payment online, otherwise, you can also choose COD (Cash on Delivery) option.

Shop To Your Fullest During These Top Flipkart Upcoming Sales 2022

Have you ever walked out of a store just because the price tags were way too hefty for you? Have you ever overspent even if you had a prescribed budget for your shopping? Do you feel that you are treating shopping as a luxury and not a need? If yes, then you are in the right place. As we all are probably aware of the fact, buying stuff that we wish to own gives us an immense amount of happiness.

So, why hold back from doing so? Spot the Upcoming Flipkart sale days and pick whatever you like without worrying about breaking the bank. To help you make the best pick, we have compiled an entire list of Top Flipkart Upcoming Sales in 2022. Let’s dive into the details.

1. The Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2022

With Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, you can shop your heart out without breaking your budget. Let’s face it. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be in a situation where they pick stuff for their shopping list without even taking a glance at the price tag. Thus, sales and discount seasons are the golden times of the year when one can purchase the stuff of their choice without any reservations in mind.

The Flipkart Big Billion sale is one of the biggest sales in India that comes right before the festive season. Whether you are thinking of shopping for branded apparels or you are on the lookout for the best deals in the electronics section, you can shop to your heart’s content during the Big Billion days Sale on Flipkart.

2. Flipkart Big Shopping Days Sale

The Big Shopping Days Sale brings with it some whopping discounts on different categories that you couldn’t even think of.

Regardless of what you are thinking of purchasing, you name it, and the Big Shopping Days Sale has got it! The best thing is that you can get up to 80% discount on some items.

The price crashes and power sales hours are absolutely remarkable. You can shop for literally anything at a discounted rate. Some of the categories include mobiles and tablets, home appliances, electronics and accessories, fashion, home and furniture, toys, sports, books, etc.

3. Flipkart Diwali Sale

Diwali is one of the most auspicious occasions in Indian culture. Apart from shopping for yourself, you also have to buy presents for friends and family. This can sometimes be a burden to your pocket. but who says you have to put a price tag on the happiness of your loved ones?

In the Flipkart Diwali Sale 2022, you can get up to 90% off on clothing, jewelry, accessories, handbags, etc. Additionally, you can also avail great deals on a washing machine, microwave, air conditioner, and various other appliances.

4. Flipkart Freedom Sale

Just like the name indicates, Flipkart Freedom Sale is all about shopping without any constraints. There are very few moments when we can actually put all our worries aside and spend like there is going to be no tomorrow!

Well, the Flipkart Freedom Sale is certainly one of those times that you should definitely take advantage of one of the biggest sales on Flipkart. You can choose the smartphone you like from Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many more. Moreover, you can also get electronic items from world-class manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, Google, Apple and many more.

5. Flipkart Republic Day Sale

The Flipkart Republic Day Sale is active around the time of the Indian Republic day. Besides offering customers with unbelievable offers and discounts, each sale has got a new and unexpected discount for the customers.

6. Flipkart Year End Sale

All year long, we keep putting items in our wishlist. Unfortunately, half the time, we are unable to make a purchase due to high rates. If you missed the other sales, Flipkart provides an opportunity to make up. Thanks to the Flipkart Year End Sale, you can grab those pending items in your cart and checkout without any regrets!

The high rates holding you back all year long aren’t applicable at the end of the year as you can get exciting discounts on pretty much any category.

7. Flipkart Home Shopping Days

Kickstarting in the month of May, Flipkart Home Shopping Days is a sale that has the potential to put an end to all your summer woes. Get all your summer essentials in one go and enjoy the long-term benefits to the fullest.

One of the most useful items during summers is a refrigerator and an Air Conditioner. You can avail discounted prices up to 80% on brands like LG, Haier, Samsung, etc.

8. Flipkart Fashion Sale

The Flipkart Fashion Sale is the perfect destination for fashion freaks all over India. Gone are the days when we looked at our favorite celebs and thought of their outfits as a dream. Now you can achieve the look of your dreams and idolize any celeb fashion sense, thanks to the Flipkart Fashion Sale.

For brand-conscious souls who like to embrace their elite self can avail exciting discounts on the best clothing and footwear brands like Jack & Jones, Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc

Lucrative Additional Offers To Grab during Upcoming Flipkart Sales

If you are looking forward to Flipkart sales for some discount, well and good. But don’t think that it’s the only thing that you will get while shopping! There is so much more you couldn’t have even imagined! There are some extra offers and benefits that the customers can avail while shopping on Flipkart.

Did you know the Flipkart maintains a partnership with various banks and online wallets to ensure the best shopping experience for customers? Let’s dive into the details and see how beneficial Flipkart makes it for users and enable them to get the best bang of their bucks.

1. Bank Discount Offers

During Flipkart Sale when you make a payment using a bank credit card or a debit card, you can get a 10% instant discount on your purchase, for example, the State bank credit card. The same also applies to other banks like HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Yes bank, etc. The Flipkart bank offers can greatly contribute to an overall better shopping experience.

2. No-Cost EMI Offer

HDFC, ICICI, SBI, Citi bank, etc. offer no-cost EMI options so that customers don’t have to fret over processing fees and additional interest rates. Not everyone can spend thousands of bucks in one go. Therefore, the no-cost EMI options provide customers with the flexibility and pay the amount within a fixed tenure.

A washing machine, air conditioner, furniture, refrigerator, mobiles, electric appliances, laptops, etc are some items you can purchase through no-cost EMI. You can also avail the No Cost EI offer using a Bajaj Finserv card.

3. Debit Card EMI Offer

Products like electronic items are enough to put a massive dent in the pocket. If you don’t have a credit card but wish to purchase an expensive product, you can avail the debit card EMI offer to pay via easy installments.

This step has made online shopping on Flipkart more pocket-friendly. It also helps serve customers who can’t afford to spend a lot in one go. A washing machine, air conditioner, furniture, refrigerator, mobiles, electric appliances, laptops, etc are some items you can purchase through Debit card EMI.

4. Exchange Offers

You can now exchange your old mobiles, laptops, TV’s and appliances, thanks to the Exchange offers by Flipkart. The best part is that you can get a brand new product with additional discounts.

5. App Exclusive Offers

Flipkart App Exclusive Offers are only available on the app. You can take advantage of deals on products that are only available on the Flipkart app. All you need to do is add the items eligible for the App Exclusive Offers and purchase them via the Flipkart app.

6. Hourly Deals

Some deals on Flipkart just come and go. The lucky customers that grab the golden opportunity during the hours that the sale is going on are the ones who avail exclusive discounts. Every hour, Flipkart comes out with attractive offers!

7. Play and Win

Just before the onset of Flipkart blockbuster sales, they organize quizzes and contests. All you need to do is play and win the contests to avail the best discounts. You also stand a chance to win some exciting gift vouchers from Flipkart and exclusive prices.

Saving is one such act that has always been loved by people and when it is beautified with the discount deals, the joy of shopping gets doubled for sure. And this is what has been offered to the users on Flipkart’s sales throughout the year. It will enable you to buy the best of products at much lesser rates than the market.

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