ICICI Bank Offers 2020 : Credit & Debit Card Coupons

Bringing the best ICICI bank offers of 2020 for you! With these ICICI credit and debit card coupons, save more even while shopping more

The people who are time poor and do not wish to leave their comfort zone always love to go for shopping online. There is no need to mention that online shopping is and extremely fair deal for everybody. You are allowed to check out a gigantic collection of your desired product without any interruption of salespersons or other customers. Saying would not be wrong that online shopping is just like a boon for the people who hold less time to go for shopping or wish to get overwhelmed with a wide collection.

Not only one, but there are many benefits to going for e shopping. For instance, the customer is allowed to check out the variety of product that is being sold at the affordable rates along with excellent offers. To save a wide chunk of money, you may go for comparing the price of the desired product. Here, you are allowed to enjoy the discounted rates or offers.

There is no need to mention that all you need is a card to go for online shopping. Whether it is a debit card or credit card both works to buy the stuff you are crazy for. Do you know if you have a valid bank account and a card, online shopping can be a great option to choose in order to save a wide chunk of money? It is required to mention that if you have never experienced ever then now it is time to go for it as once you get the experience, there is no turning back.

Now, you may be thinking that which bank will make you able to get showered with best offers and coupons for online shopping. And the name of the bank is ICICI bank. There is no need to give an introduction as this bank has been in the market for a long time and holds a million of customers who trust the name itself. It is enjoying a very stable reputation and engaged to serve you the best in order to bring a broad grin on the customers’ face.


ICICI bank has always indulged to churn out the best service to its customers. Thus, right from the time, it experienced the demand for online shopping is increased day-by-day among the new age individuals. The noted bank introduces the concept of discount and offers to the account holders.

It is partnered with various e-commerce websites to serve not only special but also beneficial offers to its debit and credit card holders both. Those who into internet banking and hold an ICICI bank account are the ones that make a lot of purchases from different e-store online saving a wide chunk of their hard earned money.

Online Shopping Offers

There would be many of you who are still pretty much confused either you should go for an ICICI card or not. Well!!! Here some of the renowned e-stores have been mentioned that are unearthing about how you can save a lot of money on various products right from gifts, garments, computers, mobile phones etc. if you are an ICICI bank account holder:

2) Jabong:

There is no one did not hear of Jabong since it is counted as the noted e-shopping store. In starting, Jabong did not get success to fetch the wide attention of the people and people switch to GAGA from the time it introduced a huge variety of product to the customers.

Now the story has got changed totally, as it offers a gigantic collection of the product right from towel to shoes, from watch to wallet, you get everything for which you come here. Not only this, but you also get to shop for your favourite brands of perfume on the e-store. If you go for a minimum purchase of Rs. 1299, you will get additional 30% discount thanks to your ICICI card. It is an amazing offer that one should not miss at any rate. The coupon code for Jabong is ICICI30.

2) Ferns N Petals:

Do you wish to make someone feel very special? In this context, nothing can be greater than sending flowers to your loved ones. Of course, it is enough to bring a broad grin on the face of your loved one when they will get a marvellous bunch of flowers neatly assorted together blessed by your lovely wishes.

It is required to mention that only a handful of people can afford purchasing bouquets from ferns N Petals taking help of an ICICI card. You will get a flat discount of 20% on the purchase of any product from the e-store of this shop. And the promo code is ‘FNPICICI2D’

3) FirstCry:

If the tiny toddler is about to come in your family and you are excited to do shopping for the little one, you need to head FirstCry. It is the best platform to buy all sorts of goods and clothes for your little cutie pie. You just need to head the official site in order to browse all desired product related to your cutie pie.

The thing you need to do is use the promo code that is ‘ICICIFC15’ and get showered with the flat discount of 15% on all the products you are going to buy. These days a number of people who do not have enough time to go for buying is using to it.

4) EBay India Offer:

EBay is one of the distinguished e-stores, which is flooded with all kinds of products and there is absolutely nothing that cannot be found on this e-stone. You just need to log into the official site and put the name of the product in the search box and you have on EBay India. It has carved out a special image among the customers.

Needless to say, EBay has become a prominent name, which remains on the lips of a lot of people around the country. However, it is a part of an international website; but even then, Indian customers never feel that they are being left behind. If you hold an ICICI bank card, you need to all set to enjoy 10% off on all the products you find on the site. The coupon code you should not forget is ‘BAYICICI10’.

5) PepperFry:

Who would not love to decorate his/her house, as it is the best place all across the world to get relaxed within no time? If you are hunting the quality-based stuff for your home or office, you just need to head PepperFry as it has emerged as the most trusted brand.

Being a noted brand, it holds a wide array of satisfied and loyal customers, which add value to this unique brand. If you have ICICI account holder having debit or credit card, then you are allowed to get flat 30% off on the desired products come under these categories like Lamps & Lightings, Home Decor, Furniture, and Furnishing. So, what are you waiting for, go through the official website and use the promo code ‘ICICI30’.

6) American Swan:

It has got a lot of popularity within no time from the time Siddharth Malhotra has assigned as a brand ambassador of American Swan. And the great thing that brings a broad smile on the face of customers is you can get flat 61% discount if hold an ICICI debit or credit card. Do not forget to use a promo code that is ‘ICICI61’ for the official website americanswan.com.

7) Fashos:

The fact cannot be denied that bags and belts are the two elements brings a great change to your personality. It may break or make if the quality of the product is compromised. To go along with the new age fashion, one needs to pay attention over your style.

In this connection, there is only one name comes in the mind is Fashos. Here, you can go through the huge variety of the product. Having an ICICI debit or credit card helps you to enjoy Rs.300 off on your minimum shopping of Rs.1000. So, do not forget to use the promo code ‘FASHOSICICI300’.

8) Printland:

In our daily life, it is a diary that goes along with us all the time whether we are at home or office. Do you wish to buy the stylish and new age diary to give yourself, your loved ones or your employees? Choose Printland as it is high in demand because of serving the unparallel quality to its customers. Here, you can enjoy 35% flat off on all the product with your ICICI bank card and you just need to add the promo code ‘ICICIPL30’.

9) Archies Online:

No need to say much about it, as you all know much about it. We have always been head to this platform when it comes to buying something special and unique gift to our loved one. Earlier it was only the land-based store but now it has stepped into the e-commerce world.

Here, you can find a massive collection of online card, a paper card, soft toys, chocolates, teddy bears and much more. You will fall in love with shopping when to get 20% discounted rate on a minimum purchase of Rs 200. The promo code is ‘ICICI20ARCHIES’.

10) Clearline:

The kitchen is the place where you cook delicious things to your loved one. Would not you love to pamper it installing the quality based kitchen appliances? The best platform to buy what all you need is Clearline. Having an ICICI bank card allows you to get 8% discount on the best kitchen appliances. A wide collection right form kettles to crockery is just waiting for you.

11) Trendin:

If you are one of them, who is a die-hard fan the following brands like Allen Solly, Peter England, and Van Heusen then Trendin is the name you need to consider. Being an ICICI account holder having a card, you are allowed to enjoy a flat 10% discount on various popular brands. To enjoy this discount, it is required to do minimum purchase of Rs 1699.

Online Travel Offers:

Why should you enjoy discount only on products if ICICI card is also allowing discounted price on booking to your trip? Now, travelling is going to get fitted in your budget. You can enjoy discounts if book your trip any of the following websites.

1) AbhiBus:

AbhiBus has made bus travelling petty much easier. For booking, you just need to follow simple steps. You need to select the desired bus you want to travel in then book the seats and go for paying. You will get a discount of 10% or Rs 50 off on every booking you made. Do not forget to add the promo code ‘ICICIBUS50’.

2) MakeMyTrip Domestic Flight:

There is no need to mention the intro of this name as it is already knowable to all of you. It is an amazing website, which is playing an enormous role to make you life easier. Here you can get a discount of Rs 150% on every booking amount of 4000-6000, Rs 300 on booking amount of Rs 6001-15000 and Rs 400 on booking amount of 15000 and above. The promo code is ‘ICDOMFT’.

3) MakeMyTrip International:

Here, you can enjoy cashback of Rs 300 on flight booking amount of Rs 15,000, Rs 100 on flight booking amount of Rs, 30,000 and Rs 2000 on flight booking amount of Rs, 80,000. You need to insert the promo code ‘ICINTFT’ at the time of using ICICI bank card.

4) MakeMyTrip Domestic Hotel:

You are going to make a visit within the country. If you are looking for the best hotel to make your trip memorable? Apart from it, you also wish to enjoy discounted rates then you need to use your ICICI bank card. The thing you need to enjoy the discount is to go for inserting the code is ‘ICDOMHOT’. On domestic hotel booking, you will get 15% cashback. For an international holiday, you need to insert the code is ‘ICINTOH’.

5) MakeMyTrip Holiday:

If you are all set to plan your honeymoon? Choose MakeMyTrip to book your nice and cozy vacation along with your family. If you hold ICICI bank card, you will get 10% cashback on all the online booking made for the holiday package. You must all set to enjoy a discount of up to Rs 2000.

6) Agoda:

No need to muddle over a lot how to book a hotel as it has become very easy now. Having ICICI bank credit card makes you able to enjoy 10% discount. You just need to go through agoda.com. Here, you do not have the need to add any promo code. You are allowed to enter a valid ICICI Bank Credit Card number until your card is applied.

7) Ezeego:

Ezeego is the best platform to go for book domestic as well as international flight tickets. It means there is no need to muddle over this topic if you have the right platform Ezeego to choose. Next time when you schedule a visit along with your family, do not forget to book your tickets at Ezeego. Here you can enjoy Rs 325 cash back on domestic return tick as well Rs 750 cash back on international return tickets. The promo code is ‘ICICIHOLS’ on Ezeego’s website.

ICICI bank cards are all set to get showered with the amazing discounts and offers to save a wide chunk of hard-earned money. The best thing about this bank is that it understands the value of your time. To put in other words, it does not allow you to waste a lot of time over finding the available the discounts. To enjoy discounts, you just need to remember or note down is the promo code. If you are an ICICI account holder then you must go ahead for using this promo code in order to get showered with the amazing discounts.

These days people who are crazy for online shopping love to get enrolled with ICICI bank. Being a distinguished bank, it is committed to making your shopping experience memorable. It makes shopping easier and better one. Once you switch to ICICI cards, you get a number of discounts on purchasing and booking tickets whether it’s flight or train. Not only the above mentioned but there are a lot of another offer that you can enjoy with this bank’s card.

Do you know what is the best time to use ICICI promo code? It is the sale period. During the sale period, you do not only enjoy the discount that is being provided by the websites but also the discount provided by ICICI bank. Once you get all the promo codes, you are allowed to fetch discount anytime you wish to.

It is required to mention that you need to use the promo code before they expire. It is the way to get more benefits as an ICICI bank account holder. Generally, Promo codes change after proper time intervals and the discount percentage may increase or decrease. In this connection, you need to use the coded just when you really wish to purchase the product and have made up your mind to enjoy proper discounts.

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