MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank Offers August 2022 {Flights & Hotels}

These all-new MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank Offers for August 2022 are set to fill your heart with wanderlust as nothing can beat the joy of traveling when coupled with huge discounts, coupons, and offers. Learn more about these offers to start packing your bags for the trip that you have always wanted to go on while getting absolute value for money.

Can you already hear the beaches calling you? The mountains challenging you? The hill stations asking you to come chill along with their serene beauty? Whatever may be your travel fantasy, now with the help of HDFC bank offers on MakeMyTrip your fantasies will soon come to life.

MakeMyTrip has always been on the hunt to provide travelers with amazing deals and their search is finally over as MakeMyTrip in collaboration with HDFC bank is all set to offer you lucrative discounts on Domestic flights, International flights, and hotel bookings.

The MakeMyTrip HDFC bank offer in 2022 is definitely going to make you smile as it makes you eligible for three amazing offers. Make sure that you check all three of them to avail the best possible trip at the best possible price.

Dreamy Discounts on Flights for HDFC Customers

Reaching the land of your dreams is one of the costliest parts of any trip. The hotel prices, food prices, and other tourism expenses hardly ever account to the airfare expenses. Many of the trips are switched from the initial destination choice because of the airfare but you won’t be having such a problem because HDFC credit card offers on flights, are here to provide you discounts on both domestic and international flights.HDFC Bank Offer on Domestic Flights that will make you smile

1. Dreamy Discounts on Flights for HDFC Customers

Instant discount up to INR 1,000 on domestic flights for all HDFC Bank Credit Cards and EMI with a minimum booking amount of INR 4,000.

Use the code HDFCDOM to get a flat discount of INR 500 instantly on minimum booking amount between 4000- 8000 and get an instant discount of INR 1,000 on all bookings over INR 8,000.

2. Breathtaking Discounts on International Flights

Does your soul need the refreshing experience of traveling to a foreign country and experience a different culture? Say no more because HDFC customers can now get up to INR 5,000 discount on International flights with a minimum booking of INR 25,000.

To get down to the exact details of this exciting offer, there is a flat INR 2,500 instant discount on a booking ranging between INR 25,000 to INR 50,000 while there is flat INR 5,000 instant discount on bookings over INR 50,000. Don’t forget to use the coupon code HDFCINT to avail this offer.

Discounts on Hotels like never before

After an exciting and tiring day of tourism, everyone needs a hotel which can help them relax in the best way possible. MakeMyTrip offers the best hotels at amazing prices and with the HDFC bank credit card offer on hotels you get additional discounts on both domestic and international hotels.

1. Domestic Hotels at prices you never imagined

Domestic Hotels are known to get booked even before you get a chance to physically reach there and make a booking. MakeMyTrip offers you the leisure to book hotels hassle free from you the comfort of your couch while getting absolute bang for the buck. With the coupon code HDFCDOM1 to get a flat INR 900 instant discount on a booking ranging from INR 3,000 to INR 4,500.

The coupon code HDFCDOM2 will grant you a flat INR 1,350 instant discount for bookings between INR 4,501 to INR 6,000 and finally, with the coupon code HDFCDOM3 you can reap the benefits of a flat INR 1,800 instant discount on bookings above INR 6,000.

2. International Hotels

International Hotels are often looked upon to be costly and it is believed to be a hassle to get hands on a really nice deal. HDFC credit card offer on MakeMyTrip allows you to enjoy a very soothing hotel experience at a very soothing price. With the coupon code HDFCINT1 to get a flat INR 1,500 instant discount on a booking ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000.

The coupon code HDFCINT2 will grant you a flat INR 3,000 instant discount for bookings between INR 20,001 to INR 30,000 and finally, with the coupon code HDFCINT3, you can reap the benefits of a flat INR 5,000 instant discount on bookings above INR 30,000.

Reward Points for every transaction on MakeMyTrip

Yes, you are reading it correctly. All transactions done at MakeMyTrip will result in 5x Reward Points of 5% Cashback Points when using your HDFC Bank Credit or debit cards. To make use of this offer use the coupon code HDFC5X and get 5X Reward points on Domestic Flights, International Flights, Domestic Hotels, International Hotels, and Bus bookings.

Except for HDFC Jet cobranded card, every eligible user can avail 5X reward points on MMT using HDFC Bank Retail Credit Cards.

Within 90 days of the transaction, the Bonus Reward points will be credited to the customer’s credit card account provided the HDFC Bank Credit or Debit Card Account is non-delinquent and active. No returned transactions, unauthorized or disputed transactions will be considered for this offer.

Here’s how you can claim these HDFC bank offers on MakeMyTrip :

All of these offers are very lucrative, aren’t they? You must be wondering that claiming these offers might be a difficult task but trust me it’s not. MakeMyTrip prioritizes the comfort of the users. All the offers are designed in a very user-friendly way also claiming these offers is easy and beneficial.
Just follow the steps given below in order to start saving and start traveling to where ever your heart wants while saving money the entire time.

  • Step 1 – Login to your MakeMyTrip account
  • Step 2 – Search for the flights or hotels that interest you and book them.
  • Step 3 – Fill in the E-Coupon field with the corresponding coupon you want to redeem.
  • Step 4 – Use your HDFC Credit card while making payment as the coupons are valid only for HDFC Credit cards.

Some important things to note :

  1. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before availing for any of the offers that are mentioned in this article. All these offers and discounts will make you want to book a holiday right away and you definitely should but before jumping to conclusions you should always go through the details of the offers in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Be it any offer, discount or coupon and let it be offered by any company regarding any product or service, as a consumer it is our duty to go through the terms and conditions completely before jumping to any conclusions. Such research can help you save money even further or realize the actual amount that you will be saving by using any particular coupon, offer or discount. This helps in better planning of the trip and provides the user with a stress-free experience.
  2. Check for new offers, discounts, and coupons as newer and better offers may be released as you are reading this article right now. Not only for travel but whatever may be the type of purchase you want to perform you must check for the latest coupons, offers, and discounts to save the maximum amount of money.
  3. Making use of these MakeMyTrip and HDFC bank Offers alone is fun but sharing it with your friends and family allows you to share this joy of saving money. So enjoy these coupons and discounts but make sure you also share it with others. More people equals more fun, who knows you may even inspire group trips where your friends and family come together to enjoy a beautiful vacation.

Why MakeMyTrip is the ultimate destination to fulfill all your travel needs?

Through years of providing customers with hassle-free and enjoyable trips, MakeMyTrip has grown to be the best in the industry. They have tremendous experience in providing for all the travel planning needs of all types of travelers.

You can count on MakeMyTrip for both domestic as well as international trips as they are second to no one in this industry. Trust and customer satisfaction has brought MakeMyTrip to this level where all of its users are loyal and only choose MakeMyTrip for all of their travels.

The most amazing thing is that they provide all of these things are extremely affordable prices while keeping the safety of the traveler a key priority. MakeMyTrip has all types of travel packages including family travel packages, couple travel packages, and even group travel packages. From Flights to Hotels you can book everything using this super-efficient travel giant company.

Have fun using these amazing MakeMyTrip HDFC Creditcard Offers and enjoy your travel vacation. Cheers!

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