Musafir Offer for ICICI Bank Cards and Net Banking Users

Musafir and ICICI bank offer brings you the best deals, discounts and offers on domestic flights, international flights as well as amazing holiday packages.

Everyone looks for discounts and offers, especially while going on a vacation. Whether it’s the summer vacation, puja celebration or even the winter holidays, you can now avail of some of the best and exclusive discount offers. If you’re wondering how this is possible, buckle in and get ready to learn about Musafir ICICI offers. Musafir in close collaboration with ICICI Bank has now made it possible to bring to you some of the greatest offers for ICICI net banking, debit card and credit card customers. These offers extend to domestic flights, international flights and even holiday packages. If you’re an ICICI card holder, look no further, this might be the perfect get away from your monotonous daily schedule. Add some flare to your life and book a flight ticket with your ICICI card and let Musafir take care of the rest!

Attractive ICICI Bank Offers on Domestic Flights

Believe it or not but in India, domestic flights are used by a large demographic of people especially for work related purposes. The average businessmen, makes almost 6 trips in a week within India. The cost of such conveyance can be extremely high but thanks to ICICI Bank and Musafir offers, you now get discounts which make your travelling so much more worth it! You can now book your flight ticket either through the website or even from the app. A little word of advice, the app gives you additional discount!

Grab an astounding slash in prices of up to Rs 700 off through Musafir ICICI offers 2017 a booking of Rs 10,000 and above. If your ticket falls anywhere between Rs 6,000- 9,999 you’ll still find yourself lucky enough to get a reduction of Rs 350 via the web discount and 400 through the suggested app. A Rs 3,500- 5,999 ticket will still fetch you a moderate and reasonably good discount of Rs 200 or Rs 250. To ensure you get the promised offer, please use the code ICDF.

Amazing Discounts on International Flights

Take a trip to your most loved holiday destination outside the country with a comfortable and pocket friendly journey. Any ICICI customer can now purchase an international flight ticket either through net banking, debit card or even credit card and still be eligible for some of the most attractive and enticing offers and discounts. This will make your trip truly worth the time and money.

Take your family along too and immerse yourself into some of this holiday goodness! Users can easily navigate to the website URL and conveniently book their tickets at a discounts by making use of the promo codes on the website itself. However, if you are looking for an extra discount you might consider using the app on your android phone. Download the app, install it and open it. It’s as simple as that. To avail of your discount, please ensure to add in the discount coupon code which is ICICF. Musafir ICICI discount is now up to an astonishing RS 2,500 when booking an international flight ticket of Rs 50,000 and above. You will still get a slash of Rs 1,500 even if your ticket price is between Rs 30,000- 49,000.

Great Offers on Holiday Packages

Going on a vacation can always be pricy and expensive. The best deals are holiday package deals which can get you the lowest rates and the most memorable experience. However, there are a lack of viable holiday packages as many of them are fake while others charge an exorbitant rate with its offer only extending to certain holiday locations. Bid farewell to these kind of offers which cannot deliver on their promises and welcome with open arms Musafir ICICI discounts.

ICICI in collaboration with Musafir offers an exclusive discount of up to 5% on any holiday destinations of your choice. This reduces the cost of the entire trip while still allowing you to go to any place of your choosing. Make the most of it and grab this amazing deal being offered by Musafir and ICICI in 2017. You know what’s great about this? There are no twisted methods of applying for discounts. Instead, they are available to all ICICI account holders through various modes of payment catering to your individual preferences. Simply avail of your discount by applying the code IHICI for International holidays and DHICI for domestic holidays.

How to Avail this ICICI Bank Offer on Musafir ?

Musafir and ICICI offers 2017 are simplified and easy to use. There are a few steps which help simplify the entire process. Firstly, head on over to and then select the desired holiday package along with the details of the flight you want to take. After making the necessary selection, enter the coupon code which is available on the website. Proceed to enter the required personal details and then lastly, make the necessary payment through your ICICI card either through net banking, debit card or even credit card. The multiple choices available make it easier for users to make instant payment and grab this offer.

The offers and packages advertised as a result of a collaboration between ICICI and Musafir are genuine and offer such reduction in prices that they compete perfectly with other offers and packages. What makes these offers so valuable is the ease and access with which one could easily avail of these offers and make the most of them. So don’t think twice, if you’re planning vacation at this very moment, head on over to

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