Paytm Promo Codes 2020 : Recharge CashBack Offers

Presenting some amazing PayTM promo codes for 2020! With these Paytm recharge cashback offers, you can now recharge your phone at amazing deals! This year, never be ‘out of balance’.

Paytm has become a popular mobile and DTH recharge website in recent years. Today the site is aiming to stay on top by offering a variety of promo codes and other special deals on recharges. These include many Paytm cashback offers that are being made available in 2020.

Paytm is one of the best websites to visit when you’re looking for all sorts of online payment solutions. You can take care of the recharges with Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA, BSNL, Reliance, TATA Docomo, Aircel and many others. You can also buy a variety of different electronics products here. The variety of Paytm coupons and other special deals that you can take advantage of while on this site are especially great to see.

In fact, it has never been easier to pay for your items than it is now, what with Paytm offering an impressive service. Paytm takes pride in offering online payment solutions that fit your demands. Paytm has quickly become an established entity in the world of payments, what with the business having a variety of great transaction offers that fit in with your demands.

Paytm helps you to pay your postpaid bills and can get your prepaid recharge needs to be handled on a monthly basis. You can use the Paytm website or app to take care of your payments while getting some impressive Paytm postpaid & prepaid offers.

Paytm Recharge Coupons & New Cash Back Offers

The Paytm promo codes for 2020 that you’re going to read about are available only through the Paytm website and app. These Paytm cashback offers show that it’s one of the best places for you to shop at online. You will be surprised at how much money you can save when you take advantage of one of these various different offers on the site.

Get 1 Percent Cashback

Paytm cashback offers are among the most valuable deals for all to find. Starting from the first week of the month, you can get 1 percent cash back on your mobile recharge and postpaid bills. The minimum amount limit for this is Rs. 20 and can be redeemed five times in a month. This will give you plenty of savings and can be done in just a matter of hours as there is a three-hour time limit.

Use the promo code GRAB30/GRAB10 or FLAT10 to take advantage of this special deal from now until 31st December 2020. This is a great deal that you shouldn’t pass up, what with it being worth such a great deal of money.

Get Cashback On Your Bills

You can also get a cashback deal on your postpaid bills as you pay them through Paytm. You can get Rs. 30 cashback on a minimum postpaid bill payment of Rs. 500 or more. This can be accessed twice in a month by each user and is available from now until 30th April. It’s available to all Paytm new & old members.

Add More To Your Paytm Wallet

Your Paytm wallet account will help you take care of many payments but you will save even more when you get added funds to your wallet. Specifically, you can add Rs. 250 or more to your account in October and get Rs. 25 cash back on your account. Just use the promo code RUPAY25 to get your Rs. 25 rewards off of your deposit. This is available once per customer from 15th July to 30th October, so act soon.

Get Rs. 15 In Free Paytm Cash

You can get Rs. 15 in free Paytm cash by using the promo code FREE15. This is available for use on both the Paytm website and mobile app. This is only available to new users of the Paytm service. Therefore, if you have not signed up for Paytm services yet then now is the perfect time for doing so. Don’t forget to recommend it to your friends!

What Can You Get Off the Mobile App?

There is an additional Paytm recharge offer available through the Paytm Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile application. By recharging Rs. 50 or more on your account through the app, you can get an added Rs. 25 cashback. This is one of the best Paytm recharge offers around but it’s only good if you enter the promo code PAYTMAPP.

This code can be reclaimed three times by each individual user. The same promo code can be used each time. Do act fast though as this promo code is good until October.

DTH Recharge Offers Are Open

You can get your DTH recharge needs to be taken care of through Paytm. You can use the promo code DTH100 to get 4 percent on your Paytm account on a recharge of Rs. 50 or more. This promo code can be used up to three times by each user.

Don’t Forget the Big Bus Offer

You can book your bus tickets through Paytm and get up to Rs. 140 cash back on tickets of Rs. 800 or more. You will get your cash back within two to three hours of making your deposit. Just use the promo code FLAT140 or FAMILYBUS to take advantage of this special deal. This can be used three times by a single user so be sure to take advantage of it this month.

Get More From the Marketplace

The next of the Paytm promo codes to see entails the Marketplace section of the site. Just spend Rs. 399 or more at the Marketplace and get an additional Rs. 200 in your Paytm account. All you have to do is enter the promo code ONCEAMONTH. Be sure to do this soon as this special cashback offer expires on 20th October.

Paytm Electricity Bill Payments Are Now Affordable

You don’t have to blow your budget on electric bill payments when you use Paytm to take care of them. It’s already tough enough as it is to pay for high electric bill charges but Paytm should make it easy for you to save money. You can take advantage of one of many Paytm promo codes to get the most out of your bill.

You’ll get Rs. 75 cash back on your first electric bill payment of Rs. 500 or more. Just use the promo code PAYBILL to get the most out of this.

In addition, you can get 3 percent off on your next electric bill payment. Use the promo code BILLPAY for this special offer.

These offers are available for everyone to use and are supported by a variety of great electric service providers. These include deals on bills from Reliance Energy, BSES Rajdhani, Paschim Gujrat Virtan Company Limited and much more. Best of all, you can get these payments taken care of from your home or office.

Landline Bill Payment Offers Are Also Available

You can take advantage of great Paytm promo codes to help you save money on your landline bills. The promo codes NEWLINE and BROADBAND can be used to help you save money. These codes can be used separately during this September promo code campaign. Your account will also be credited within 24 hours after using a promo code so you will get your discount sooner.

The promo code NEWLINE may be used to get Rs. 100 back on a landline bill payment of Rs. 600 or higher. This can be used once for your number. The cash that you are getting back will go to your account in about 24 hours after you make your payment. This deal is good for landline bill payments only and is not available for use with Airtel landline payments.

The promo code BROADBAND may also give you Rs. 100 back on your Rs. 600 or higher landline bill payment. This can be used once with your number during this sale campaign. Again, you will get your cash returned about 24 hours after your payment is made.

This will work for Reliance and BSNL landline service customers among many others. Be sure to take a look at the particular offers that are available so you can get the most out of your account.

Get a Paytm HDFC Cashback Offer

HDFC cashback offers are available through Paytm. You will get 5 percent cash back from now to 30th September on your DTH recharges and mobile payments. You can get Rs. 50 back on your transaction when you use the promo code PAYTMHDFC5. Be sure you have money on your Paytm wallet with the HDFC credit card before you can use this promo code for the new year.

State Bank of India Credit and Debit Card Offers Are Available

SBI cardholders can take advantage of great Paytm recharge offers. There are three promo codes you can use in particular.

The code SBIRC will give you 10 percent cash back on all mobile recharges. These include postpaid and prepaid transactions alike.

The code SBISHOP will give you Rs. 300 cash back on transactions of Rs. 300 or more. This is a flat discount offer.

The code SBIADD has 5 percent added cash back when you add Rs. 500 to your wallet. You can redeem up to Rs. 100 at a time.

These promo codes are available only during Oct, so act soon.

Axis Bank Deals Are Included

You’re in luck if you have an Axis Bank credit or debit card. From 2nd June to 25th July, you can get 5 percent cash back on Paytm wallet deposits with your Axis card. You can get a 25 percent discount with a maximum of Rs. 25 on your mobile recharge. An added 10 percent discount is available on your online shopping transactions when you use your Axis card as well.

Check Out the Citibank OMG Offer

The Citibank OMG offer from Paytm will provide you with Rs. 50 in your wallet as you recharge Rs. 100 or more. You will also get a 10 percent discount on your purchases with your Citibank card. This works with the promo code CITIOMG30 although it is only valid on 4th and 5th December.

Standard Chartered Cards Have Special Deals

Standard Chartered credit card holders may get up to 15 percent cash back on their recharges of Rs. 200 or higher. Just use the promo code SCB15 to get this discount to work for you. This is good once a month from now until 31st December. This is available with a maximum discount of Rs. 50 each month and can be repeated every month when the proper promo code is used.

Master and Maestro Card Offers Are Included

You can get cashback with your Master or Maestro card. Add Rs. 50 or more into your wallet account with one of these cards to get Rs. 30 cashback. This is good with the promo code PAYTMMC30. This is available until 31st December.

Be sure to take advantage of these great deals when looking for ways to get the most out of your money. Paytm cashback offers are available in many forms for all sorts of cardholders.

Understanding Paytm


Paytm, or Pay Through Mobile, is an online commerce site that serves people all around India. It offers mobile recharge and online shopping services and even supports bill payments. This is a popular choice for those who are looking to get more payments taken care of as needed.

The company was formed in 2010 by One97 Communications. It has expanded over the years to include sales on a variety of great products. Today Paytm has more than 80 million registered users.

What Makes Paytm Perfect For Your Use?

There are plenty of important positives that make Paytm a special place to take care of your payments at:

• It is easy for you to recharge your mobile account through Paytm. You just need a proper online connection to get to the Paytm website or mobile app to take care of your payments.
• This works for every major mobile service provider in that you can get your accounts with those providers recharged as necessary.
• This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• There are many great Paytm promo codes and cashback offers for you to check out as well as assorted Paytm postpaid offers.
• The payment process is safe and easy to use. In addition, you will get any promo codes or other deals that you use to work on your account in very little time. This gives you peace of mind when shopping with Paytm.
• You can save your cards and other bits of payment information with Paytm. This should make it easier for you to get your payments taken care of while out here.
• Your recharges can be taken care of rather quickly every time you’re on the site.
• Many of the deals on the Paytm site are exclusive to customers. Some are exclusive to those who have particular cards associated with particular bands. Be sure to check out whatever is available for your use as needed.

Telecom Companies Pairing With Paytm

More than 300 telecommunications companies have paired with Paytm. This means that just about every major telecom company that offers phone services in India is supported by Paytm. Therefore, it should be very easy for you to take care of your mobile bill payments and recharges when you utilize the services at Paytm. Prepaid and postpaid services can be handled in particular.

Look For Promo Codes

Be sure to check for various promo codes and other special deals as you are looking to save money on your transactions with Paytm. You can also find vouchers for discounts on a variety of products and services with Paytm. You will be surprised at the variety of great deals that you can take advantage of when you get on Paytm to take advantage of different products and services.

The promo codes that are available will change throughout the year so be sure to check out what’s open. The odds are good you’ll find some great deals when you get on the Paytm website.

Start Using Paytm Today!

It has never been easier to get an account ready with Paytm than it is now. In fact, Paytm is a great service in that it offers more products and discounts for everyone to use.

It’s no wonder why more than 80 million users all around India have been using Paytm for their requirements. Paytm is a popular website in that it will give you great deals on anything you’re interested in buying. The fact that you can easily get different payments taken care of will certainly be easy to use.

You just need an email ID and a password to make this site work for you. It is very easy for you to get your transactions taken care of on this site when you get everything up and running.

Be sure to take advantage of great Paytm services. You will certainly be amazed at how well promo codes can work for your needs too. Remember that Paytm services are certainly going to work well for your demands.

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